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14 Oct - 2:51am
Checking in. Oct 13 2016

23 Aug - 3:37pm
Well, I am sad to see what happened to the clan. I am sorry I have been away for so long, but life happened and I had to clean it all up, lol.

22 Apr - 8:11pm
Our DayZ servers have been gaining a lot of popularity since launching them. I have created a section in the forums for them specifically.

04 Mar - 6:06pm
Updates completed. Please see forums for more information.

04 Mar - 5:28pm
Upgrading the TS3 server today. New server version requires a client update. Please update your TS3 clients or you won't be able to connect.

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Restructuring, Rebuilding, Changes
Hey Everyone!

Effective January 26, 2013 we have taken measures to rebuild and restructure the clan. Due to a lack of active membership in the other Divisions (CoD & LoL) we're dropping them immediately. All members left in these divisions will be absolved into an 'Other' division for now. The only division we're going to officially support is Battlefield 3. The decision to drop the other divisions was made to save the clan. We need to re-focus our efforts and instead of having the members that are left spread thin among 3 games and have 3 weak divisions, we're bringing everyone together into one division in hopes that we can build it strong, and gain some new members in the coming months. We are taking steps to re-enforce the BF3 division. This includes advertising our clan in various BF3 forums and messaging players from matches we were in. The hope is that in a few months time we'll have a large enough and active enough membership to start thinking of branching into other divisions again.

There are a few things the current members need to be aware of. First, the changes to the structure have already taken place. You'll notice in the forums that the CoD and LoL sections are missing. The CoD and LoL divisions have been disabled in the clan management module, so no new applicants will be able to choose them. We have also made some changes to the website to increase security. The login box in the top right has been removed and you'll now have to use a login page in order to gain full access to the site. The next thing we're working on and hopefully will have completed and running by this weekend is new integrated forums. Currently the systems that run the website and the forums are independent of each other. The user accounts are sync'd from the site to the forums behind the scene's. But this has caused many problems, some of which are very serious. The website system has it's own forum module that we're going to transition to hopefully on the weekend. What this means is that all the stats, post counts, and posts will be lost. I will be manually migrating the important posts over to the new forums during the next few evenings. These new forums will offer a more polish and feature rich system than previously.

We thank you for your patience during this time of change and rebuilding. We hope that all the members are willing to stick with us during this process and support us however they can. Thank you!
Posted by mimic on Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 5:22am | Comments: 1

Comments: 1
\27 Apr - 6:36pm

I have never found divisions to be successful. People want to play what they want when they want, and speaking for myself, 2 kids, baseball, girlscouts, working overnights its so difficult to be a rock needed to grow anything. You guys are always in my thoughts. I miss you guys a ton, just wish we had seen eye to eye on more things. Loving your DayZ server! Cant wait for the stand alone.


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